MMM is a company with more than 75 years of experience in the design and manufacture of automotive fluid handling systems.

We combine talent and vision to achieve results that help to improve the future for everyone.

Our History

From the initial design section to the final quality control of the finished product delivered to the customer, our specialized teams ensure a supply to the industry that meets the quality, cost and strict lead times demanded by the Automotive industry.

Our long industrial history makes us feel comfortable in an environment of innovation and adoption of the most advanced technologies. We also have an important infrastructure and dynamic teams that allow great agility in responding to the challenges of our customers.

Development Partners

As partners we bring our greatest added value. In this role we contribute with our know-how in the earliest stages of the project achieving designs better adapted to the client’s expectations.

Our company has an important prototyping laboratory and specialized technicians that allow us to create physical models adjusted to computer-generated simulations. Successive simulation loops and prototypes allow us to obtain the most robust design at a competitive cost.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Moving in the direction that guides our vision of being an active part of the solutions that will lead us towards sustainable growth, we have embarked on a major transformation process towards a Carbon Neutral future.

As a first stage of this transformation, we have focused on technologies aimed at hydrogen generation for applications that require a stable, safe and cost-effective supply of H2.

During the more than 75 years since our foundation, MMM has been creating and establishing the essential values that have allowed us to maintain an outstanding position in the Automotive sector in Europe.

These values are our main growth driver

Excellence towards the customer

Our customers are the compass that guides our work and allows us to develop and evolve together. Only with a flawless product and service can we win their loyalty and trust.

Dynamism and adaptability

We are a company of discreet size within the standard of the companies in the sector. This situation allows us to offer agile customer response and adapt to the strong changes inherent in the automotive environment and the renewable energy industry.

Innovation and best practices

This leitmotif of the Automotive industry is at the root of our DNA. Only the incorporation of best practices and technologies allows us to remain at the forefront of the industry.

We focus on people

We care for each collaborator and person of interest as part of the team. The sum of talent and commitment is the engine to drive the present.

Responsibility and commitment

We strive every day to be part of the shift towards decarbonization as part of our commitment to the fight against Climate Change.

Factories of the MMM Group

MMM Spain

Our corporate headquarters are located in Molins de Rei, Barcelona. Corporate services and the R&D Center are located at this site. It also houses the manufacturing and assembly facilities of the Energy Division as well as the Additive Manufacturing printers of the 3D Printing Division (3DP).

The main plant has a surface area of 4,000 m2 within a 9,000 m2 complex.

MMM Mexico

It is the group's most recent plant. Its purpose is to supply the demand of automotive companies in the USA and Mexico. Like the plant in Romania, it specializes in fluid conduction tubes.

It has been operational since 2018 and has great growth potential in the LATAM and NA regions. Its surface area reaches 4,000 m2.

MMM Romania

This plant, operational since 2006, specializes in the supply of high volumes of components for the automotive sector. Specifically those related to fluid handling. It is an LLC (Low Low Cost) plant and is located on the outskirts of the city of Turda, in the Romanian Transylvania. It has more than 600 employees and a surface area of 7,000 m2.

One of the competitive advantages of this plant is its strategic location next to the MMM Group's surface treatment plant. This synergy generates great savings in logistics costs and improvements in delivery times and quality costs.

Technical Tooling

Established in 2016 in the vicinity of the Turda plant as a technical support to the industrial activity of the Group's factories. TT has specialized in the manufacture of jigs and tooling used in the manufacturing of tubes for the Automotive sector. It currently holds a staff of 10 members and works with the most advanced precision tools to achieve the tolerances required in this industrial sector.

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