The MMM Fluid Division is mainly oriented to the design and manufacturing of fluid conduction tubes to be incorporated into automobiles.

For cooling, air recirculation, vacuum, fuel and brake systems in steel and stainless steel as well as aluminum and its alloys. We can also supply structural tubes according to our customers’ specific demands.

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Air Conduction

Convey pressurized air from the compression systems to the intake manifold within a range of 40 to 60 mm. in diameter.

Water Conduction

Deliver or collect the refrigerant flows from the supply subsystems and the cooler systems. They may have different connection types depending on the available layout or part functionality.

Oil Conduction

Used for turbo oil supply and/or return, they require high temperature resistance. Are considered safety parts with demanding formings due to layout restrictions in the turbocharger areas and are manufactured by hydroforming technology to provide maximum flexibility and best technical performance.

EGR Application

Manufactured 100% in stainless steels selected according to the temperatures of use, conduct the gas from the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold. Enjoy low thickness (around 0.4 mm) and withstand temperatures up to 900 degrees. Hydroformed corrugated designs allow assembly flexibility, absorption of differential expansion and high levels of reliability.

Thermal Systems Conduction

Are mainly used in heat exchange applications (evaporators, condensers and heating tubes) as well as for the recirculation of other fluids. Manufactured in different aluminum alloys.

Application Insert

Are small length and high precision tubes that replace machined solutions in the connection of rubber sleeves to casting blocks (cylinder heads, engine blocks, gearboxes, etc.). Manufactured in steel or different aluminum alloys.

Fuel Conduction

Include both the low and medium pressure pipes with spherical flare and helium leak test as well as those that recover and channel the fuel losses from the injectors and common rail to the tank. Made of stainless steel.