Application Areas

Application Areas

Our methanol reforming reactors can be used in both mobile (On Board) and static (On Site) environments.

On Board Applications

The reactors can be incorporated into a wide range of vehicles, reducing initial investment, lowering operating and maintenance cost compared to the compressed hydrogen option.

Methanol is easily affordable, transportable and safe and does not need to be compressed at high pressures. In case of using green methanol, the operation is carbon neutral.

Self-generation of hydrogen in vehicles from a methanol and water mixture tank increases the range compared to those running on compressed hydrogen due to its higher energy density.

Our product offers great technical advantages

Robust and reliable operation over extended periods.

Few moving parts, resulting in low maintenance and long service life.

Compact size allows it to be integrated into different platforms.

100% silent and without pollutant particle emissions.

Vibration resistant.

Ideal for heavy-duty vehicles demanding extended fuel ranges



Heavy duty

On Site Applications

Methanol also allows the use of existing fossil fuel supply infrastructures with minimal modifications & investments.

Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles (BEV)

The important expansion of electric vehicles (BEVs) requires the creation of charging points in locations, near or remote, where high electrical power output may not be available. For these situations, our hydrogen generators open up the possibility of powerful, demand-driven, scalable power generation.

Hydrogen (HRS) (FCEV Charging Stations)

Before the arrival of a future where hydrogen is universally distributed, our products offer a simple and affordable solution to supply hydrogen to FCEVs without the need for transport and storage of large compressed H2 tanks that may be subject to special restrictions in urban areas.

Communication Antennas

Often located in protected natural environments where regulations ban the use of polluting generation systems and/or high noise levels, our products represent a suitable solution to comply with these regulations. Operating only with easily transportable feedstocks (methanol and water), they offer robust, stable and low-maintenance operation.

Hydrogen generators to meet the needs of the logistics sector

In addition to their use for recharging hydrogen-powered transport vehicles (trucks, shuttles, etc.), there is also a trend to replace the use of lead-acid batteries in forklifts with fuel cells due to their higher efficiency and lower operating costs.

Production of hydrogen as a fuel

So far we have focused on the use of hydrogen in fuel cells for electricity generation. However, hydrogen in its gaseous state also has multiple applications, especially in the industrial sector for the operation of specialized furnaces or in more varied environments as a heating fuel to replace natural gas and/or other gases syntheisized out of petrol.

H2 Supply Backup Systems

Our products are highly suitable as a backup for hydrolyzer installations that have 24/7 hydrogen generation requirements and run primarily on solar energy.

Power Supply Backup Systems

Perfectly suited for environments requiring low noise and reduced/zero particle emission levels (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.).