Development Partners

Development Partners

We are a powerful and highly qualified team

We work in close collaboration with customers, research centers and universities following an open innovation philosophy.

Taking a step forward in customer support, we are committed to risk-sharing relationships by generating, in previous development phases, solutions aimed at improving, optimizing and simplifying products prior to the formalization of commercial agreements.

As a result of these activities, we have developed our own patents, many of which are already part of our customers’ products.

We are open to collaborate in the launching of new products or technologies developed outside our laboratory.

We participate in R&D projects in consortium solutions within the Research and Innovation Framework of the European Union. We also hold collaboration agreements with research centers of Spanish and foreign universities.

Our working methodology

We have a flexible working methodology that adapts to the needs and status of the projects presented by our clients. We may enter at any stage of the development process and adapt ourselves by providing our expertise to achieve the best results.

Total design

We use a systematic methodology that allows us to achieve the integration of both technological and non-technological material in order to create successful products and processes. This requires input from different departments and disciplines within MMM.


We work in tandem with our clients offering specialized knowledge in the areas of design and engineering of fluid handling systems.

From an open 3D drawing of the pieces, we perform the necessary computer simulations to obtain the most robust and cost-effective design that meets the customer’s specifications.


We offer consulting services. Starting from a semi-closed customer’s blueprint, we suggest structural and material improvements to develop high performance mechanical parts.


We receive closed specifications that we pass on to Production in the shortest time possible.

End Product